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Research & Experimentation                   Current 

My final project is inspired by prehistoric art and focuses on using natural waste materials ranging from granite to human teeth. Exploring solely unconventional ethical and sustainable materials for my craft while also pushing boundaries in regard to social norms and values.

This project isn't developing as consistently as intended due to Covid 19 and equipment shortages but will be ready to go when I can get back in the workshop.

 External practice  - Mount Edgecombe           07/2019 

This live brief was focused on designing a piece for an outdoor exhibition at this public Cornwall tourist site. My piece Is this the Future? was inspired by the ancient trees on the property, the current global deforestation issues and global warming. Focusing on futuristic conceptual ideas to fabricate man-made trees. My final wind sculpture took centre stage on top on the left tower of the grade listed building.

 Object Enquiry                  Royal Willam Yard                   11/2018

This brief was set on exploring judgements that are made when we interact with the things we make; their value, status and functionality are assessed through our understanding of the things that surround us. Linking to my practice I researched further into the materials we use and explored deeper into unethical gold and based my final conceptual designs on Compression mines in Indonesia and the Philippines.

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